Alex Arzu at AOF
Josuha Diaz - Actor
The Costeas and Bundics
Model Alexandra Rousset
ABC's Rachel V. Scott
ABC's Rachel V. Scott
Model Alexandra Rousset
Model Alexandra Rousset
Kids from the Boys and Girls Club


Gifted is an organization founded and run to create significant world based strides and advancements via the power and abilities, talents and ingenuity of extremely gifted young people. 

We were created to find children and teens below the age of sixteen in order to match them with experts in the fields of visual arts, science, sports and the humanities in order to develop their natural gifts to allow these kids to positive and long lasting changes in the world.

     For nearly three decades Del Weston has been creating programs that allow young people to be educated, trained, exposed to multiple industry leaders and professionals that otherwise, they would never meet.  Talented individuals from the United States, France, Germany, Spain, China, Australia, Finland and many other countries have been engaged in mentor programs, internships, and specialized training that have allowed them to move forward in life while sharing their gifts.

     There have been thousands of young people who have created brilliant futures for themselves and others as they work one on one in endeavors such as sports, theater, television, film, design and more.
     But that is the past, we now have an opportunity to take our work to the next stage of development by way of not only giving equipment, training, funding and experience we can now actively seek out youth between the ages of 5 to 16.  Young people who are still young enough to retain their immense talent, optimism and hope while not old enough yet to be taught what they can not do.

     That is when we want them, before the world can crush their spirits, when all of the doors are open and they know they can soar and not just become one of the crowd.  It is our belief that everyone is not meant to be average and that there are young Jordans, young Rowlings, young Einsteins out there, we just need to find them.  We need people who can show the world just how far they can take their talents and gifts.  Like the shoulders of the giants we've all stood on to get where we are, we need more giants for those people who will follow us into the future.

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL

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