Makenzie  Sconce and Del
Del with young Alex Rousset
Del and Jameka learning FCP
Working The Festival
Hank Garrett Award recipients 2016
Cody Castro Pro Hockey
Cody Castro Pro Hockey
Bundics and Costea DWOF 2014
Paint and Play Charity
Paint and Play Charity
Paint and Play Charity

The Way

We've been laying the ground work for this organization for decades.  Thousands of people have been helped, assisted, coached and mentored by Weston and his associates who are experts in their fields and generous with their time and knowledge.

We believe that the way forward now is to continue doing what we are doing but at a larger scale and with additional services.  We've noticed that young people with strong family ties, a traveling parent and a stable home tend to do better and to excel more quickly than do candidates who do not have those lifestyle elements in place.  To those ends, one of our new offerings will be paid stipends to not only the teaching mentor but to a family member of any participant in the program.

Also we will begin more focused one on one training with professionals from Sports, The Arts, Music, Science and the Humanities.  Exclusive, laser guided programs with one specific goal in mind; to bring out the mastery and talent of each of our participants in their chosen fields.

Yes, it is that simple.  Yes, it is that easy and yes, we've been doing it for years.

Brian S.
Brian S. and Alex
Kate Scott
Frank T.